We are proudly Australian Certified Organic and European Union Certified Organic. 

The collection of wild plants, growing naturally in natural areas and forests is considered an organic production method provided the areas meet these standards: 

1. Those areas have not, for a period of at least three years before the collection, received treatment with products other than those authorised for use in organic production under
Annex I;
2. The collection does not affect the stability of the natural habitat or the maintenance of the species in the collection area.
When a land is considered completely wild grown. It must never have been maintained under any sort of cultivation or management. This means that it must remain unwatered, unfed or otherwise unmanaged by civilization. Upon collection of our wild berries we must not affect the natural cycle of the environment or the stability of the habitat. 
For us to uphold organic certification on wild plants,  the certifier assesses the forests and uses environmental checkpoints to review and test the area upon certification.
This happens in both the EU and Australia.